Lack of Sexual Desire, Causes and Recommendations

Do you know what lack of sexual desire is? It is nothing more than when an individual loses interest in sexual relations with their partner, there is no will or desire for intimacy, this can affect both men and women and can occur for different reasons, however it usually affects men more than women. It is said that the lack of sexual desire is generalized when the individual does not want to have relations with his partner or with anyone else, and situational when the desire exists with other people but not with the partner. This can cause serious problems in a couple’s relationship, as it deteriorates, communication is lost, interest is lost and it can become a reason for a breakup.

One of the main symptoms of loss of sexual desire is to avoid meeting your partner when you know that sexual act may occur, excuses appear such as: “I’m going to watch a very interesting TV show”, “I need to tidy up the kitchen”, “I need to finish an urgent job”, if you use any of these phrases frequently, it is time to evaluate what is going on, as you may be losing sexual desire. Many times stress, daily responsibilities and other priorities come first, and that is when sex is left aside, which should not happen because it is a priority in a relationship, which helps you nurture love, to lower daily stress, provides benefits for your health and enjoy intimate pleasure with your partner.

Among the main causes of loss of sexual desire are: hormonal alterations, compliance with specific medication, chronic diseases, metabolic diseases, sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, vaginismus, anorgasmia), relationship problems, stress and anxiety, fatigue, fears, monotony and having an unsatisfactory sex life. Lack of sexual desire has no prevention, it is an event that can appear at any time of life, however, you can control the person’s emotions, and the most important thing is to have a good communication as a couple.

To control the lack of sexual desire we suggest: try to manage anxiety as this can create a barrier to sexual functioning, we recommend you exercise, sleep 8 hours a day, eat a nutritious diet and consult a therapist, this will help you control stress and anxiety. Improving the quality of the relationship is also a good option to recover sexual desire and get out of the monotony, for this you can plan dates with your partner, do activities outside the bedroom, share quality time together. Live a better intimate experience, if at the moment of having sex the couple does not feel comfortable, satisfied, or enjoy an unforgettable experience probably will begin to lose interest in sex, so you should dedicate the necessary time to intimacy, implement kisses, caresses, sex toys and different positions.

Although for many people it may seem unbelievable that food can affect sexual desire, since if your body is not well then your mood will not be adequate, eating vegetables, lowering sugar and implementing proteins can help the sexual libido. Exercising is also one of the most effective methods to manage stress, anxiety and achieve a good mood, in addition you will achieve an adequate weight and your energy will be higher. Another important issue is vices, smoking has a negative impact on your cardiac system, so the person will not be able to have a good performance in their sexual life.

Avoid losing sexual desire and enjoy the pleasure that your partner can give you in every encounter.

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