Learn all about the G-spot.

Perhaps on many occasions you have heard about how important and exciting the G-spot can be, and it is common that doubts such as “What is the G-spot?” and “Where is it located?” usually arise. And this spot is perhaps one of the most important areas to satisfy a woman.

The Gräfenberg spot, known as the G-spot, was discovered by Dr. Beverly Whipple when she noticed that moving her fingers along the inside of the vagina produced a physical response in women. She considered that this region could be the key for women to achieve orgasms during sexual relations.

And now, a frequently asked question, how can I locate this spot? And the fact is that, to find this satisfying spot, the woman must explore herself, touch herself, relax and let herself be carried away by desire, and in case you didn’t know, the G-spot is part of the clitoral area. This means that when you are stimulating the G-spot, you are actually stimulating part of the clitoris, but this spot can vary depending on each woman, and this is what makes it difficult to locate.

The easiest way to access it is to slowly introduce one or two fingers in the vagina, and to be more accurate, the fingertip should point up where the G-spot is. Once inside, you should move the fingertip area up and down looking for it at different depths. And we recommend that once you locate your G-spot with your fingers, you can enjoy it to the fullest with sex toys or your partner. The secret to finding this spot is that you are very excited and you risk to explore your body, we are sure that when you find your G-spot, the pleasure and climax will overflow, do not be afraid, sometimes it is hard, it’s all about relaxing, creating an environment that you feel comfortable, and letting your emotions flow.

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